1. Interview with Bev Thompson.

    By Bella Vendetta.

    (This post was originally posted on bellaregretta.tumblr.com)

    When I was a fresh faced barely legal punk rock chick living in NY I was lucky enough to meet Master R and Madame Sang from La Domaine Esemar, which was then and still is the oldest, and some would say finest BDSM training chateau in the entire world. It sits in the hills of upstate NY as a very private establishment. I did an extensive training there as a Professional Dominatrix and have since travelled and worked in dungeons all across America. The chateau still remains a huge and very important part of My life, so when owner Master R informed Me that we had a documentary filmmaker (he called her a Documentrix) filming day to day life in the household I was of course intrigued. Beverly Thompson, a self proclaimed feminist and assistant anthropology teacher at Sienna College has really become a part of all of our lives there, so I thought it was about time to turn the cameras on her and ask some hard hitting questions about her past project “Covered” a documentary about heavily tattooed women, her new project being filmed at La Domaine, and her upcoming book.

    Bella Vendetta: so is it weird for you to be on camera after filming other people for so long?

    Bev Thompson: I try not to be weird about it because I have to make the other people comfortable so, I have to at least be comfortable. I have to submit to the same process I make other people do, I’d be a hypocrite if not.

    BV: But, you’re in your own movie “Covered” which I just watched, and you seemed pretty comfortable. You even had your mom in it

    BT: Yah, well, it’s my story, so I think of my participants and myself, it’s like this chorus all singing the same song and telling the same story so I think my story shoul be in there as well.

    BV: What was the reaction like to your particular story?

    BT: Well, I think the craziest story is that my father still doesn’t know that I have tattoos. Now as the project becomes more public I worry about that

    BV: What are you gonna do if he finds out not from you telling him, from like, a newspaper article or something? Would he freak out?

    BT: Yah, I probably don’t wanna think about that.

    BV: Like, disown you freak out?

    BT: No, he would just be disappointed, in a quiet way

    BV: what stops you from telling him?

    BT: he just hates tattoos. He hates them. He notices them and he’ll be like “look at that person over there, what the hell is wrong with them?”

    BV: So you wear long sleeves around him?

    BT: yah

    BV: Do you still wear long sleeves at your job when you’re teaching?

    BT: Yah

    BV: what was the classes reaction when they found out that you’re heavily tattooed under your long sleeves?

    BT: They’re surprised, sometimes they are gasping and shocked. They have a moment where they can’t reconcile that this is their teacher. I mean people don’t assume that you’re hiding tattoos under your suits

    BV: So, this crop of students you have right now probably haven’t seen your movie so they don’t know you’re tattooed.

    BT: Right.

    BV: So is that part of the reason why you wear long sleeves, or does it have something to do with the administration of the school you work at, and the way they want you to look?

    BT: I’m working on the chapter in my book right now on employment discrimination, and I think one of the things that’s different between professional employment and service industry where your very controlled by your employer is that it doesn’t have to be stated, there doesn’t need to be a policy but you just know that to fit into this culture this is the way that you need to look, you need to look like everyone else. And I think especially as junior faculty we’re very insecure about fitting in and becoming a professor, we feel really insecure about the title, so we overemphasize that kind of conservative look. And then, you know my father was also a college professor, and so when I think of a college professor I think of my father.

    BV: And you have a tattoo of your father?

    BT: Right, I have a portrait of my father on my back, and that’s ironically one of the tattoos that could accidentally pop out of my shirt. So when I’m at his house I have to think about my back, and my neck all the time

    BV: Oooh, maybe you did that subconsciously. So who is that tattoo by?

    BT: Telisa Swan, she’s in Moscow, Idaho now, but she’s an amazing portrait artist. http://www.swanfamilyink.com/artists

    BV: Do you have pieces by many artists, or do you have one specific person you go to for all your work?

    BT: I have tattoos from many artists, but they are all women.

    BV: So do you travel around to find them?

    BT: making the movie I got a lot of tattoos, because I was already travelling around and being around the tattoo culture so much so it was only natural to get tattooed by a lot of my participants. They’re all amazing artists that I really admire and I was happy to get tattooed by them.

    BV: So, back to school…you are currently doing a documentary on La Domaine Esemar (www.ladomaine.com) which is a BDSM training chateau in upstate NY, did the school give you permission or a grant, or do they even know about it?

    BT: yah, so I have to file for permission with Institutional review Board, and so their job is to protect the confidentiality of participants and to make sure that I have a good consent form. But sometimes that is used overtly as a way to repress certain research that is unpopular.

    BV: So is that what they did with this project, were they thrilled that you wanted to do a documentary about sex workers?

    BT: Well, that’s hearsay. They were very professional in using their official excuses, and so it would be hearsay for me to say otherwise, but it took six months, and I think that’s excessively long for a research project.

    BV: was it that way when you were doing the tattoo project?

    BT: No, but this La Domaine project is a full review, so that takes a long time to get approval, whereas “covered” was an expedited review because being heavily tattooed isn’t such a stigmatizes status as being in the sex industry.

    BV: So, how did you come to La Domaine, how did you decide you wanted to do this project?

    BT: I found La Domaine’s website because I was teaching a class called sociology of deviant behavior, and I dropped them a line and asked if they wanted to be speakers at my class, and Master R invited me over for coffee and to meet them. As soon as I came here I just said hey maybe I could make a movie about you guys, you guys are really interesting, and he thought it was a great idea.

    BV: He said yes right away, which is really rare. So when he first told me about you, and that you’d be here filming me I generally would have had a million questions before I even agreed but he seemed so comfortable about it that I just said ok, she can film whatever she wants.

    BT: That’s great. I mean that’s the thing about making documentaries, is it’s about relationships, you’re building a relationship, so when you see a really great movie it’s because the filmmaker had that intimacy with the participants that they would be that open. It’s astounding sometimes that people can be so open.

    BV: How long do you think you’re going to keep filming this?

    BT: A long time. Once it’s completely saturated, it will come to a natural end.

    BV: Is it your first experience with the kink world, or were you involved in your personal life?

    BT: I took this great class called sex in the city, at New School, in New York City, and that was all about going out into the city and exploring sexual underworld in new york city, and taking field notes. The teacher of that class had done a lot of that kind of work, documenting the sex world in new york city, so then I explored the S&M place in the city, did some workshops, went to Paddles, and attended some events. I remember one day, a group of my classmates went to the cock, in NYC, and I don’t even think there was a womens bathroom so we were not used to such a place, and we would have to walk by all these men having sex trying to find a toilet. I brought my roommate with me who was a law student at NYU, and she had brought her friend, another law student at NYU, and my roommate ended up having sex with this really hot lesbian who walked in, and we were just so awkward just sitting there between all these men having sex, and I was sitting there and there was this man standing there and this guy gets on his knees to suck his cock and he turns to me and says “smile”

    BV: Did you?

    BT: No, that was probably when I went to get some air. But I really enjoyed that class, and there was 30 people taking that class and we would get together every week and compare notes. SO I really feel like I was specifically trained to do ethnography aimed at the sexual underground.

    BV: This is your first project you’re working on by yourself in the sex industry?

    BT: yes

    BV: Will there be more?

    BT: yes, I hope so, I would love to

    BV: Has it been different than you thought it would be, getting to know professional Dominas?

    BT: Yeah, I’ve been hanging out here for about a year so it’s been a huge learning experience and a huge growth for me. The first time I came here I wanted to run away.

    BV: Why?

    BT: it was just too much, too quick, it was like my second visit and I didn’t know what to expect at all, and I’d never been to a place like this before, it’s much different than a public club, where you just pay a door fee and anyone can go in. it’s just super intense, being around people who are being sexual is super intense, and I wanted to run away.

    BV: But you were too intrigued so you had to come back?

    BT: Right, and I just told myself, do you realize how silly you would be if you asked these people if you could come make a movie and then you ran out the door. I told myself to just enjoy feeling this uncomfortable because this is not gonna last.

    BV: So, you don’t feel uncomfortable being around the dungeon anymore?

    BT: No, I’m completely comfortable, but it took a year. And I told myself I better just savour that discomfort, because it was because everything is new, you lose that when your around here, you forget what it’s like to see this place through fresh eyes.

    BV: is this project going to be part of your story too? Or are you just documenting what goes on here?

    BT: I would love to write a book or articles or something like that, and so through writing I could really tell my version of the story. But I’m not in front of the camera a lot so it would be hard to add myself to it. I mean I could add narration or interview myself at home or something reflective back on the process, I’ll certainly wanna include myself in some way. I think it’s the most responsible thing for writers or for documentary people is to discuss why they got involved in the project in the first place, and I think that’s any audiences first question too, why are you doing this?

    BV: Do you have a good answer for that? Whenever anyone asks me why I’m involved in the sex industry it’s never a cut and dry answer and it’s always hard for me to get it out of my mouth.

    BT: Well for this project absolutely yah. Because Master R and I had that immediate comfort with each other and that he would say yah you can make a movie here, how can you possibly pass that kind of opportunity up. I had to do it because, to have that access is amazing. And it’s really fun for me to be here too, and I just really enjoy the people here, these are the people I want to be around.

    BV: Do you feel that by doing this project you have become part of the sex industry yourself?

    BT: Yah I guess so.

    BV: Does that make you feel weird? Is that the first time anyone has called you a sex worker by proxy?

    BT: Only here, but the thing is that I’ve thought about the sex industry a lot, my whole life, I started getting into feminist theory when I was 14, and I was brining these stacks of books home. And also I started having sex really young and so at that point it seemed like getting involved in the sex industry could be something that young naïve me could get swindled into it. So I had to be very adamant about you do not do that, ya know. That’s been my attitude, that’s not something I would do and I’ve been kind of anti sex industry as far as my feminist development in the past. I mean, just like, why does this exist in a feminist world, or something like that. SO now, I have to reevaluate all of that and think about that. I’ve decided that now I’m in a completely different stage of my life, because I’m not a 13 year old girl and I can make different decisions and I can even change my mind.

    BV: What do you think now of feminism and sex workers and why these things exist?

    BT: well, I think it certainly does exist and it’s such a huge social phenomenon, I don’t think my ideas about what should happen have changed. I certainly have always thought that ;prostitution should be legal, because I feel that keeping it illegal really disempowers women, women are just more targeted by that stuff, I’ve always thought that kind of stuff should be legal. I guess I just see the distinction of the different levels, that you can’t make any kind of blanket statements, and that the sex industry is so incredibly big and diverse that some women are being oppressed and living in this disempowered way, and plenty of people have a great story and they are just living a life that they choose and they don’t deal with those kinds of issues. But yes, it’s made me a lot more open minded.

    BV: so, since this is for a tattoo magazine, let’s talk about your tattoos for a while. You’re covered in snakes, tell me about that.

    BT: I was born in the Chinese year of the snake, so I identify with that part of my zodiac, and I also have pet snakes and I always liked snakes, I think they’re cool animals. So I have two snakes from Emma Griffiths http://emmagriffithstattoo.com/, that’s my latest one.

    BV: With plans for more snakes in the future?

    BT: Probably, I still have all my legs to do, I wanna get the outside of my legs done, I have a full backpiece, right now I have half sleeves, I’d love to get full sleeves, but I’d love to keep some naked parts.

    BV: So you’re going to keep it so you can wear a suit and be secretly tattooed.

    BT: Yah, I don’t wanna get anything soon that’s visible like hands or neck. The neck doesn’t appeal to me but the hands I love. Hand tattoos totally appeal to me.

    BV: It’s a totally different ballgame when you have visible tattoos, it changes the whole ballgame.

    BT: Yah, and I can’t handle that, that’s why I wouldn’t wanna do it, I can’t take the constant attention. I have to be able to hide from that, I’m very sensitive to it, I hate it, and I don’t want to ever be in a situation where I can’t protect myself from the stares.

    BV: Well, don’t hang out with me too much

    BT: No, it’s great to have the stares deflected.

    BV: I forget a lot, because I hang out with so many heavily modified people, and then when we go in public I’m like, oh yah look at us we’re a bunch of freaks to most of the world.

    BT: That’s actually exactly what my book is fighting against it’s to promote tattoo acceptance.

    BV: So when is this book coming out and what is it called?

    BT: it’s called “Covered women, the social stigma of ink” and it will be coming out in two years by NYU press.

    BV: Is there a launch date for the La Domaine Esemar documentary?

    BT: No, not yet, I’m hoping within two years. But there’s two projects really, one is the actual movie, and one will be short web episodes that will be on the youtube channel, and vimeo, and those are anywhere from one to ten minutes and those come out on a rolling basis.

    BV: I think I asked you this the other day, but would you ever consider releasing an X rated version of the actual sessions and things you’ve been able to film?

    BT: I haven’t actually filmed anything X rated

    BV: The other day you did! That was X rated!

    BT: Ok….yah. I do try to cut out any actual penetration from the movie, there might be penetration going on but I don’t show it. At this time I’d say no because my aim is to be more educational.

    BV: How do you feel about educational porn movies?

    BT: That would be the tactic to convince me.

    BV: Mental note taken.

    BT: As long as there’s an educational component to it, but the thing is the material shouldn’t be too explicit because I am also trying to aim towards a non kinky audience and to be able to explain to a general audience what’s going on so too much explicit content is going to be a barrier to that kind of thing. But I’ve also seen some S&M documentaries or documentaries about sex workers that have too little sex in them.

    BV: I usually feel that way. How do you really know what a Dominatrixes daily life is unless you see a whole scene, which isn’t always X rated either. But anyway, that’s it for me for this interview, let’s go film something X rated.

    Bella Vendetta is an award winning adult film star, professional Dominatrix, fashion designer, tattoo collector and journalist from Western, MA. You can find out more about her by visiting www.BellaVendetta.com

    All photos are by Dastardly Dave, www.dastardlydave.com

    Beverly Thompson’s tattoos: half sleeves by Emma Griffiths, backpiece by Sofia Estrella, with other added work by Telisa Swan and Leslie Mah

    please check out Bev’s work at: http://www.snakegirl.wordpress.com

    And http://ladomaineesemarthemovie.wordpress.com/


  2. MY PORNOGRAPHIC HEART - Benjamin Sebastian [via Bruno Glint]


    Benjamin Sebastian

    Private View                                       02nd August  19.00h - 22.00h
    Exhibition Open                                  02.08.13 - 23.08.13
    Closing Party                                      23rd August   19.00 - 23.00h
    (Allotrope Press Book Launch
    and Live Performance)  

    Image Credit: Benjamin Sebastian

    My Pornographic Heart is a solo exhibition of new works by Benjamin Sebastian. Drifting between assemblage, 2D collage, video collage and live action, these works explore the delicacy and intimately pornographic elements of sex and gender oscillating the male body. Sebastian fuses found image and text with words and objects of his own, creating a complex visual outcome for the viewer.

    Alterations in scale, together with the juxtaposition of images (graphic and naive), are intended to encourage the viewer to consider the ways in which we think about the private and the public, the domestic and the colonial. (in one image we see the Queen’s head on a postal stamp positioned beside a man’s exposed arsehole while he masturbates). Sebastian’s magpie aesthetics challenge the appropriateness of appropriation and the boundaries of identities and power.

    His loaded emblems sit adjacent to one another, colliding an old world sense of etiquette and normative societal stereotypes, against a contemporary call for collective otherness and multiplicity.

    How does this work challenge us? Sebastian’s pornographic heart is revealed here not to arouse, but to critique and question. These works demand our attention by insisting on the importance of the intimate, the unseen/off-scene (obscene) as a site/sight for addressing issues of queer love, power, and the multiplicity of becoming-(non)identities.

    »> Bio

    Benjamin Sebastian (AU/GB, 1980) is an artist/curator based in London, UK. Historically located within lineages of Appropriation Art and Assemblage, the artist’s practice is interdisciplinary. Their processes actively interrogate various dialectic relationships, fundamentally those of logic vs the irrational, as well as creation vs destruction. They work primarily with the materials of their body, paper, fire, thread, porn & found or reclaimed objects, to create assemblage and time based work. This practice is a refusal of classification via style or medium, continuously attempting to find reason in the irrational, the profound in the mundane and self, or voice, in otherness; through strategies of repetition, appropriation, duration & Liveness.

    Sebastian has studied art and performance practices in Germany, Australia and the UK and in 2012 was awarded the Artists’ International Development Fund by the British Council and Arts Council England. They are co-founder of the performance platforms; tension/intervention/restraint & ArtEvict.

    They are currently co-director of ]performance s p a c e [ - London. UK.


    Originally posted on brunoglint.com


  3. Interview with Chuck Wendig & Stephen Blackmoore.


    Chuck Wendig is one of those writers you would hate if he wasn’t so darn nice. His books manage to be both dark and charming at the same time. If you are a writer and you aren’t visiting www.terribleminds.com, then what are you waiting for?

    Stephen Blackmoore is a bit of a mystery. A writer of supernatural noir and His twisted sense of humor makes him a must follow on Twitter.

    Both of these wonderful gentleman agreed to a bit of theater: What if we asked male authors the questions that are generally reserved for female ones? What if, instead of questions about books we focused on the character of the writer, his figure and his family?

    WHACK: So Chuck, I know you have a toddler at home. What are you doing to deal with your Post baby body?

    Chuck Wendig: I…I feed it tacos. You know I wasn’t the pregnant one, right?

    W: Stephen, Do you feel pressure to have children before it’s too late?

    Stephen Blackmoore: My species procreates by asexual budding three, four times a day. So at this point it’s a real struggle to not give in to those “baby urges” or, in my case, “cloned nightmare terrors of unimaginable evil urges”. But with the right diet, the freshly churned souls of the damned, I should be able to stave that off for another few centuries at least. It also helps that I devour my critics feet first after unhinging my jaw like a snake so they can get the full experience of slowly being eaten alive. Because I’m a giver.

    W: Chuck your books are sorta racy. You are known for your potty mouth and books that feature characters that are well I’ll just say “easy” and lots of violence. What do you think your children will say about that?

    CW: Well. My kind right now says “choo-choo” a lot, so, probably that.

    W: But in reality you have a sort of ho-hum, boring life with a wife and a kid and a dog. Do you think you are living a vicariously slutty life through your characters?

    CW: I am, yes. Who told you that? I just want to be a big manslut!

    Chuck Wendig.

    W: Stephen, you are pretty private about your home life but I know you do a lot of events at bars in LA. It’s safe to assume you aren’t living the life of the chaste and pure.

    SB: I am, actually. I live in an underground bunker with my wife and two dogs and we make only occasional forays into the radioactive wasteland of Los Angeles for supplies. There’s not much time to party when you’re fighting off packs of ravenous mutants who want to use your head as a bongo drum.

    W: You both have ….interesting… characters populating your books. Would you be friends with those people?

    CW: No. God, no. Do I have to be? Is that a requirement? Shit.

    SB: Most of my characters are assholes. They’re either narcissists or psychopaths. So, you know, pretty much all just me. And I hate myself. So, no, I wouldn’t be their friend. And you shouldn’t either. Seriously, they’re jerks. Just like I am.

    Stephen Blackmoore.

    W: Your beard gets a lot of attention. Do you ever feel like you are using your beard to get people to pay attention to you?

    CW: Yes. I exploit my beard like a Bangladeshi climate change refugee. My beard makes Apple iPhones. It is a lush, rich, robust beard and I work it, work it. I twerk it, twerk it. EYES UP HERE, LADIES. Jeez. The female gaze, am I right?

    W: Now Stephen, there aren’t a lot of photos out there of you. Is there a reason for that? Is that a statement about not wanting to be judged by your looks?

    SB: I actually have no looks. I died in 1847 in a freak goat / train accident and am now nothing but a shade who roams the moors wailing in the fog and lamenting all those lost goats ground beneath the wheels of the train, their bleating like the cries of burning children and pain so much pain and horror and the blood everywhereohgodsomuchblood and THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR BRINGING UP THAT PAINFUL MEMORY.

    W: How do you balance writing and touring with out feeling like you are abandoning your family?

    CW: I basically just abandon them because, as a father, I am expected to make the money but also be a jerk so on the rare occasion I am seen with my child in public I can be called a hero and high-fived for basically not being a completely absent figure.

    W: From the outside you seem really disconnected from the world. Don’t you want a family?

    SB: Though it’s true that I’m disconnected from much of the world, mostly because of limitations in my programming that require that I not interact with anything outside my 3’x3’ box for at least 15 hours every day, family is extremely important to me. Family is key to a healthy, happy life. Because really, who better to frame for a triple homicide in Reno while strung out on trucker meth than someone who has an almost exact genetic profile?

    W: What makes you feel pretty?

    CW: Wigs, Lee Press-On nails, and a very special sundress.

    SB: I like to pamper myself by trying on different looks by hunting people down and wearing their skins like a suit.

    W: Ideal relaxation day?

    CW: Hunting deer. Or a spa day. Or hunting deer at the spa. Some combination of “deer” and “spa.”

    SB: Orchestrating an elaborate museum heist full of close calls, double-crosses and a good montage, preferably with a Bon Jovi soundtrack.

    Credit for this idea must go to Brett Sandusky, who when I asked for interview questions on Twitter replied “How biggs are them canz?” 34 C, Mr. Sandusky. 34 C.

    Chuck Wendig’s site terribleminds.com

    Stephen Blackmoore’s site stephenblackmoore.com

    Interview by Lela Gwenn, follow her on Twitter @LGwenn

    And make sure to follow @WhackMagazine aswell!

    (Source: whackmagazine.com)


  4. Please Help Us #changeBrazil

    We´re at 9gag, please vote us up in there - http://9gag.com/gag/aKzwogj/

    (Source: 9GAG)


  5. Interview with James Darling.

    By Lynsey G.

    About three years ago, I got in touch with a porn crush of mine: the super handsome and very sexy James Darling, then a budding new star on the queer porn scene. I sent him some interview questions, but James got super-busy being super-awesome and getting more famous, and didn’t have time to respond. And then time passed, and the interview was forgotten. Luckily, however, I ran into James recently at the Feminist Porn Awards and Convention in Toronto, and we both remembered that old interview! So here it is, my lovelies, with three-year-old questions and brand new answers!

    Photo by Bella Blush.

    You’ve been called the “Prince of Queer Porn.” That is a pretty frickin’ awesome title. How did you nab it before anyone else did?

    I actually got that title from a group of hot stripper friends at the Lusty Lady in San Francisco. They claimed I was the prince charming of queer porn and it stuck around. I think it also stems from the way I present myself, since I’m not as big and butch as some other male performers and my masculinity is more gentlemanly and dandy, like a prince.

    Is it better to be a prince than a king? Which would you prefer?

    Princes are cuter with less responsibility and better wardrobes; personally I think that’s a much better deal.

    Which of the two English princes do you prefer?

    I’m a little partial to William but Harry seems like quite the party animal!

    Ok enough with the stupid questions. You’re a very influential person in the queer porn world. As queer porn continues to grow and evolve, where do you see yourself in it? Do you have any aspirations to direct or start your own company or somesuch?

    When you first asked me this I started to answer that I felt like a sponge, trying to listen to and absorb as much information as possible from various companies and directors I admire. And I still largely feel this way even though now I do have my own porn company, FTMFUCKER.com, which is a porn site dedicated to trans men. I’m still evolving and finding my place in this industry. Being a better pornographer is something I strive to learn more about every day.

    How did you make the leap into performing in porn after you’d wanted to for a long time? What held you back before that?

    There isn’t exactly a thriving queer porn scene in the South where I’m from the way there is in the Bay Area, so moving here really helped. I also wasn’t ready to show myself off in such a visible, permanent way until I became more comfortable with my body, and by the time I moved here I was ready to take it all off and show the world how hot guys like me could be.

    You’ve worked with college courses on sex and law and are seen as something of an expert, which is great. Do you consider yourself an academic/expert through life experience or study?

    I’m only an expert on my own experiences, but I do consider myself an educator. I’ve always been one of those people that learns best by example, and I would hope that my creative visual pursuits in porn help educate all kinds of people about the possibilities of their bodies and broaden their horizons of sexuality. I’ve taught classes at colleges and conferences, and I still find it really surreal that multiple people have written papers and theses and even [taught] classes based on performances and scenes I’ve done. Though to be fair, if I were in academia, I don’t think there would be anything I would enjoy studying more than porn. I think it’s really cool that there is push for the legitimacy of the study of porn. I think porn is a really important part of our culture.

     To me it seems that the queer porn scene is a good place for young people like yourself to distinguish themselves by virtue of the field being so new and small. Do you get the feeling you are at the forefront of a huge new wave of philosophy?

    I think queer porn is opening a lot of doors for people and helping to expand the sexual boundaries of all kinds of people. I think it’s really important to show different kinds of bodies, safer sex methods, consent, treating performers like people, etc.

    I would like to say that I do not consider the porn that I make to necessarily be queer; though many of my performers identify that way, some don’t.  I do think there is a way to make porn that features trans people that can be well produced, respectful, and ultimately get you off! That’s my ultimate goal, anyways.

    You discuss your exhibitionism and sex very dispassionately sometimes, but still deliver killer performances dripping with chemistry. Have you always found it easy to talk about your likes and turn-ons and so forth, or has being so deeply involved in the queer and sex-positive world made it as easy to discuss as, say, your coffee preference?

    I think being queer and trans has forced me to be a lot more aware of my body and what I like to do with it than if I were straight and not trans. Being able to speak about it casually and openly is partially a product of living in the Bay Area, where being sex-positive is largely the norm and people talk about sex a lot more openly than in other areas of the country. I think being in this environment has enabled me to become a lot more self-actualized as a sexual being.

    I truly love sex, and can’t fake anything in life very well. I’m not good at lying to people or kissing asses (unless those asses are on camera! I give a great rimjob), and authenticity in my performances and the porn that I produce [is] very important to me. I don’t find anything hot about someone not ultimately enjoying what they’re doing.

    Speaking of which, do you drink coffee?

    I was a barista once upon a time and still consume a lot of caffeine. Especially when I’m on an editing deadline, you might see my desk strewn with coffee cups and empty cans of Red Bull.


    I’ve been known to imbibe. I’m rather fond of whiskey. You can take the boy out of the South but…

    Photo by the Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards.


    Delicious. My favorite is one called “Camano Brothers.” Very tasty.

    Isn’t that word ridiculous to look at when it’s spelled out?

    A little bit, but at least it sounds exciting and almost sexy, instead of awkward and uncomfortable like “moist”

    You’ve spoken about the financial obstacles to transitioning in America. Have you found it difficult to support your own transition financially?

    Currently there are efforts in some places in America to assist trans people seeking hormones and surgery with their medical costs through state programs. California is one of those places. Where I was from, there are no such resources and everything came out of pocket, which when you’re surviving off  of minimum wage is a pretty insurmountable task. At the time, there were also no doctors in my area who had seen someone as young as myself (I was 18 at the time) who didn’t 100% fit the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care (the standards used in psychiatry to diagnose and treat transsexualism), so many professionals refused to treat me out of fear of legal prosecution. Eventually I did find the help I needed, but the whole process of getting a letter and hormones and my name changed took me about 2 or 3 years. When I came to the Bay Area I was floored to go to a clinic and have a doctor write me a letter for chest surgery after only meeting me once. There is a pretty big disconnect in the distribution of resources in this country, and of course, this disproportionally affects trans people along lines of race, class, ability, etc. Frankly, looking back I’m amazed that I made it. I wish it didn’t have to be that way for so many other trans people.

     What do you think can be done to make transitioning easier for those who need access to it?

    In my dream world where everything is powered by dreams and rainbows, there would be universal healthcare that would also include therapy, hormones, and surgery for trans people interested in those things with minimal amounts of bullshit. I think it’s critical for medical and mental health professionals to educate themselves on the needs of trans communities, especially for those outside of major metropolitan areas.

     You grew up in the South where there’s not much in the way of community or support for queer and trans people. What do you think you could do, as a queer star, might be able to do to help others now or in the future?

     The internet has really changed what is available for a lot of people outside of major metropolitan or more politically progressive areas. I mean thank god that around the time I realized I was trans in 2004 or whatever that there were email groups and LiveJournal and the Southern Comfort Conference. I’m sure YouTube channels and Original Plumbing magazine and Tumblr are really useful tools for younger guys (or even older guys figuring their stuff out) to find other people like them and information on the resources they need. I think that’s incredible.

    But I hope that [for] people who find me, whether it be through my porn performances, my sex advice column on originalplumbing.com, or Facebook or tumblr or wherever, that I’m a voice among many of what it can mean to be a trans person and a sexual being. I’ve received a lot of messages from guys telling me how my images and videos have helped them in their own sex lives and their own journeys. I want to add to the conversation about the radical possibilities of pleasure. That maybe it doesn’t always “get better” but that another life is possible and you can be who you are and have good sex and live a life worth living in this crazy mess of a world.

    After watching some of your videos about these topics, I’ve been thinking… maybe one of the things that fascinates cis people about the experience of trans people comes down to the concept of intentionality. For most people, the way they are born matches well enough with the way they feel about their identities that the choices they make in expressing their gender and sexuality are far less problematic—more taken for granted. For people like yourself, conscious decisions about how to express oneself are made at many different stages of life—the way in which you express yourself was not just a given. What do you think trans people like yourself can teach others about intentionally performing their personalities and sexualities? Should we all spend a little more time thinking about this stuff, or less?

     I think one of the biggest reasons I’m grateful to be a trans person is because it has forced me to question my reality, my body, the identity handed to me at birth, and the expectations around that. I have no idea what my life would look like if I wasn’t trans, and I really wouldn’t want it any other way. This journey has saved my life. I think I would be incredibly bored and uninspired if I just assumed that there was nothing more in life than being the property of another man and procreating. Not to say those aren’t worthwhile if you want them, but I’m eternally grateful for the life I have now. I do think everyone should spend more time thinking about what it means to be a woman or man in this world, to question what you’re told to do and ask yourself if that’s something you actually want. To experiment with lots of different ways of presenting yourself and pleasuring yourself. I think the world would be a lot better of a place for it.

    So… did you name yourself after the football player?

    Nope! There’s even a bodybuilder and jazz musician with the same name too!

    I originally was a burlesque performer named Mr. James Fancy and decided to change my last name for porn. I wanted to remain true to my southern roots, and Darling is a common term of endearment, like honey or sweetie, and I find it charming. Darling also has a long history as a last name in the porn and transsexual communities, with performers I’ve looked up to like Gia Darling (who jokingly claims to be my porn mother) and Candy Darling.

    Are you a sports fan?

    Not really, I once played on a soccer team as a goalkeeper because I didn’t like to run and didn’t mind getting hit in the face by balls. I suppose not much has changed there!

    I do enjoy watching Ultimate Surrender! and I also really enjoy men’s gymnastics and figure skating. I’m a big fan of Johnny Weir.

    What do you like to read?

    I don’t read as much as I used to because I am so busy, but some of my favorite authors are Margaret Atwood, Dorothy Allison, Audre Lorde, David Wojnarowicz, and Oscar Wilde.

    Who are your heroes, in porn or elsewhere?

    My heroes are the queer and trans elders who came before me and made it possible for me to live my life the way I do. Some of them I will never know, but some of them I do. I look up to people past and present like Sylvia Rivera, Lou Sullivan, Jamison Green,  and I really admire the work that Amos and Rocco of Original Plumbing are currently doing for the trans community.

    In porn I’ve looked up to people who are changing the game like Tristan Taormino, Shine Louise Houston, and Courtney Trouble, and if it wasn’t for Buck Angel I don’t think it’d be possible for me to do what I’m doing today.

    Any performer who risks their job to say no to racist and transphobic agents. The adult industry is a surprisingly very conservative place and it’s hard to stick to your politics and convictions when your job is on the line.

    Photo by James Darling.

    What do you think is the hottest scene you’ve done to date in porn?

    This is always a hard question because everything thing I’ve done has been a hot educational and experience.

    My scene with Wolf Hudson for QueerPorn.tv is probably the most well-known scene I’ve done, and was a really hot experience. I am very sexually attracted to cis men and at the time we shot that scene in 2010 there were not a lot of cis men featured in queer porn scenes. I think a lot of people had never really seen something that hot, hardcore, and beautifully shot.

    And nothing can compare to the birthday Unicorn Gangbang that I shot for my site Ftmfucker.com. No matter what else happens, that will always be a major highlight of my porn career.

    What would you like to do that you haven’t had the chance to do yet?

    Its hard to top a unicorn gangbang (the shoot I organized for my birthday last year) but I would really like to work with more trans women, and eventually to do more big-budget productions.

    As an exhibitionist, and someone working in an industry you couldn’t possibly fit into better, I hope your orgasms on film are all authentic…?

    Of course, that’s one reason I love independently produced queer porn, the focus is on the real sexualities of queers and trans folks and the sex is usually far more authentic than you might find in other types of porn.

     What are you working on now, and where can I send people online and in real life to find out more about you?

    I started my own website last summer of FTM porn called www.FTMFUCKER.com, which won Honored Website at the Feminist Porn Awards this year. I’m also working on releasing DVDs in the near future and a couple other film projects. You can also follow me for the latest info on my current adventures at JamesDarlingxxx  on Twitter and tumblr!

    (Source: lynseyg.com)


  6. Camille Crimson - “Five Tips To Make Yourself Irresistible For Blowjobs” - via Playboy.com


    Camille Crimson; French Canadian, redhead, blowjob queen, amazing writer, creator of beautiful porn and regular WHACK! Magazine contributor. Can now add another notch to her already impressiv résumé - Playboy dot Com writer!

    From Playboy.com — “I love blowjobs. I’m basically an oral advocate. No, really. I’ve spent the last five-plus years devoted to showing that fellatio can be gorgeous, sensual and very hot through my beautiful porn sites…As if any of you needed to be convinced! The truth is, there are many women just like me who absolutely adore giving head and many more who enjoy it greatly under the right circumstances. So what improves the odds of getting a mind-blowing blowjob? Here are a few suggestions.


    Got to Playboy.com and read the rest of the article “Five Tips To Make Yourself Irresistible To Blowjobs




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    WHACK! Magazine supports the Female Fighter Project and so should you!

    We cover all kinds of things here on WHACK! with a tendency to focus on sex and pornography at times. But if you follow our tiny rag here, you will know we’ve featured interviews with Larry Clark, Dave Navarro and a host other people outside of porn or anything sex-related.

    One thing we have wanted to get our hands dirty with for a while has been Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but we just haven’t been able to find the right project to cover og give our support to(?) because, you know, we are kind of a bunch of hipster snobs here.

    But now we finally get the chance to back an awesome project about MMA, that’s artsy, edgy and fits right into what WHACK! is about “making lesser-seen art known to an mainstream audience

    Female Fighter Project has a beautiful site that features amazing photography and great interviews with female Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu players, Muay-Thai boxers and Mixed Martial Artists from around the world. Scroll further down to read more about Female Fighter Project, follow them on all the socialmedia websites, visit the über cool site itself and DONATE!

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    "Shawn Tamaribuchi

    “Fighting has become my spiritual connection to the world. I grew up very religious and between that and soccer, these were the space I found community and connected with people. Fighting creates these visceral bounds between people, communal empathy and understanding. It’s my meditation that gets me out of my head and opens my heart.”

    Shawn Tamaribuchi holds a BA in Photography / Digital Media from Scripps College, and has completed studies at the Glasgow School of Art. For the past six years she has worked in the commercial and performing arts worlds. Her previous film, an animation short called Kenn’s Dream, screened at the Mad Cat Women’s International Film Festival and is included in the Asian American Media curriculim at Bryn Mawr College. She is currently a producer at Pink & White Productions, purveyors of LGBT, feminist, adult cinema. Her primary interests reside in the realm of digital-media and experimental art, and her performances and visual work has been seen locally, nationally, and internationally. Just some of the projects Shawn has been involved with include: The 24hourshow art collective, the Visibility Project, twincest, and Readjust Economies of Desire. Shawn is occasionally invited to lecture at universities and festivals about the politics of representation through the lenses of feminist, queer, and racial theories.

    “I am really interested in body fluids as methods of transmission, physical dialogs that take place between bodies. Each one carries meaning on a personal level as well as a means of archiving interactions of the body and its surroundings.”
    -Interview with Aorta Magazine (formerly known as Art XX Magazine)

    From the site liarphoto.com  About: “In 2010 Shawn Tamaribuchi embarked on an international quest to visit and train with some of the best female fighters in the world sharing, in her words, “bruises, blood, and friendship.” The former pro mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter travelled from San Francisco to Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo with three Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis, two pairs of Muay Thai gloves, mouth pieces, rash guards, shin pads, head gear, and a very heavy Hasselblad 500c camera with a stash of 120mm film. Tamaribuchi was committed to fight and photograph.”


    The Faixa Pretas portrait series from her ongoing Female Fighter Project represents the female Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts with whom she met on her travels. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a martial art of Japanese techniques expanded and adapted in Brazil in the early 1900s, continues to grow as an international sport with both male and female fighters. It emphasizes that a physically smaller, weaker person can defend themselves against a larger opponent through technique and ground fighting. Fighters such as Megumi Fujii holds god-like status in the MMA world with an amazing record regardless of gender. And yes, she’s small – with with a firm stance and a playful smile. In these portraits there are bodies – younger, older, smaller, and bigger than you might expect.

    In an interview with Tamaribuchi MMA fighter Lana Stefanac said, “Often times, the perception of a female fighter is one of an angry woman, likely a victim turning into a victimizer. This could not be farther from the truth, although, many women that describe themselves as ‘fighters’ are almost always survivors.” These portraits convey strength, resolve, and joy framed by the ropes of boxing rings, athletic mats, and cages. As Tamaribuchi met colleagues, heroes, idols, mentors, and up-and-coming Female Fighter Project stars, her inner fan was only squelched by getting the wind knocked out of her in practice. She also faced tough decisions: “shoot or train?” The intimacy and respect that emanate from these images are proof that she did both.  – Sita Bhaumik”


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  9. BBW Bella Artista Interview—Unexpected Love

    To Swing Or Not To Swing

    By Big Juan Stud

    Erotic books, those titilating pages full of smut women take with them on trips the way guys pack up a couple of their favorite pornos, have recently received a bit of a resurgence. But even with their newfound popularity, it’s still difficult for any of the plethora of erotic books to stand out. Enter BBW Bella Artista. This author/pin-up model has recently released her own self-published novel, Unexpected Love, a true story about an emotionally strong independent woman who discovers her soulmate, but in the end realizes her all her fears of falling in love come true. Was it worth it, was it a learning experience, would she do it again? What we do know is that Unexpected Love is filled with plenty of descriptive XXX-Rated sex that if you have a vivid imagination, it’s best to have one hand free while reading.

    WHACK: How many books have you written?

    BELLA Artista: I’ve published three books thus far; the first two were limited edition printed books. Those books sold out the first few months they were published. My first two books featured some very erotic/nude photos of me which is why they were limited editions. I even published an erotic/nude 2013 calendar which sold out at the beginning of 2013.

    W: Can you describe what theme’s you usually tackle in your books?

    BA: All my books are a mix of true story and fictional erotica. 

    W: In Unexpected Love “Jessica”, the main female character is confident, smart, very sure of herself and comfortable in her own skin. Yet in the very beginning she mentions that she is nervous going to her first BBW event and is unacustomed to not having the spotlight to herself and is worried about not standing out. Why is it important for her to be the center of attention at all times and does mark a bit of insecurity on her part?

    BA:As with any human being, there are moments of caution, eustress, and being unsure of what will happen. An insecure person would have let the unsure feelings keep him or her from participating in the event all together. Even the most confident of people get nervous when new exciting things happen. Would you say you are insecure because your nerve electrons are firing over someone you love driving into town? Stating that she is accustomed to being in the spotlight only shows the comparison between her comfort zone and her willingness to explore new things.

    W: She meets a guy, “James”, she really digs. Now in a club where you have a mix of good and bad guys to pick from what qualities in “James” made him standout to her?

    BA: Each person is different. “Jessica” personally go for the jock nerd type. There is just something about a guy who can challenge “Jessica” physically and mentally that starts firing all of her neurons.

    W: Was going to a swingers club for a first date more of a test by Jessica to see how into “James” was into her?

    BA: Not at all. It was a means to an end. The swinger club had a regular club AND private bedrooms to play in when the mood struck. Since “Jessica” only wanted sex there was no need to go on a classy date. She knew he lived in New York and was sure that nothing serious would come out of it. She also liked to share her hot guy friends with her swinger female friend; they often brought men for each other to play with. 

    W: Eventually they have sex at the swingers club and when it’s over “Jessica” is afraid that this will lead to something more. She was afraid that “James” would break her streak of keeping romantic love out of her life for so many years. Why does “Jessica” fear falling in love especially when she may have met a man that seems good for her?

    BA: Because life is easier without having to take time to nurture a relationship. “Jessica” did not fear being single so there was no need for romance. She always felt romance was overrated. “Jessica” chose logic over emotion, but “James” sparked things inside her that she had never felt. 

    W: Eventually, they stop seeing each other but when they meet again the feelings they had for one another return. “Jessica” finally is able to admit to herself she loves him but doesn’t know if he feels the same. Was that why, for “Jessica,” it seemed painful for her to admit that to herself that “James” was someone who was able to put her guard down? Was that the worst fear in the world for her, falling in love?

    BA: Yes to all the above. Jessica is a bit of a control freak so letting her guard down to a point where she is no longer in control of her emotions was much like when a person starts to use drugs, only not quite as negative.

    W: The big reason a relationship never materialized was the distance. How far do you feel the relationship would have gone if distance weren’t a factor?

    BA: They spoke of marriage all the time. They really cared for each other at first. But the distance was too much. 

    W: As far as sex goes, was “James” her greatest lover?

    BA: Sex-wise, if you take away all feelings, “Jessica” had been dicked down better but yes, he was by far her greatest lover. The reason why he was the best lover was because he was the only one who could match her mind, body and spirit, plus he fought hard to please her more than she fought to please him. No one in her history had matched their mutual ferocity and lovemaking.

    W: Where are “Jessica” and “James” today? Do they keep in touch, think about each other at all?

    BA:“Jessica” broke up with “James.” I did not wish to make the book a Greek-like tragedy so I ended with the happiest place they were. They still tried to keep in touch but over time the pain of knowing they would never live in the same state made them realize that love is not enough.


    W: Does “Jessica” believe “James” is the love of her life?

    BA:“Jessica” feels “James” is the love of her life. But life is full of surprises. Just look at her story; she is 33, never wanted or fell in love, then along came this guy who swept her off her feet. She says she does not want to feel that way again. She is not looking for anyone to spark those type of feelings again. But she has learned one thing; she is not in control of love. She accepted that fact and accepted the four years as a beautiful lesson about opening up to the right guy. She also accepted the fact that the right guy can never be in the wrong state again! [Laughs]

    W: So did they eventually make it work for the long haul?

    BA:No, it did not work out. Every fiber in her being wanted it to work out, but he chose earning a lot of money over her (at a medium income instead of a high income) and she chose to love herself rather than be someones second choice.

    To purchase Unexpected Love, please go to http://www.lulu.com/shop/bella-artista/unexpected-love/ebook/product-20947524.html.

    (Source: whackmagazine.com)


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