1. FROM THE WHACK ARCHIVES: Review of MakeLoveNotPorn.TV

    This article was orginally posted on to Whackmagazine in August of 2012.

    By Christian Madsen.


    MakeLoveNotPorn.tv went live on Tuesday August 14th 2012 and it has been a long time coming. Now with a name like makelovenotporn.tv and when the creator of the site is someone who has called herself “a rampant feminist” – it’s easy to get the idea that this is a another anti-porn crusader site. But nothing could be further from the truth. This sexy brain child of Cindy Gallop is pro-porn, pro-sex, pro-authenticity and pro-diversity.

    MLNP is about a diverse, real, sometimes artistic, raw, funny and honest portrayal of real world sex and real everyday people. Where porn has become Youtube and anybody who has spent a lot of time cruising around Youtube, knows it can sometimes make you lose your faith in humanity. MLNP is setting itself up as the Vimeo of sex it seems, a place for like minded individuals that favor quality of quantity, realness over performance.

    One of the statements MLNP makes is “This is not porn” well, I don’t know about that? It’s a huge discussion that I simply won’t get into here, because it goes to “what is porn and how do you define porn?” To me, porn goes to the intentions and goals of the people producing it – is it made solely for profit? What is your goal with this production, a political statement? Entertainment purposes? Right of the bat – yes, it’s not porn that is on MLNP but I’m not a 100% sure (?). But porn or not, MLNP is doing something interesting, something needed, something very cool.

    MLNP is still in beta and at the moment invitational only – so go enter your email address and patiently await an invite – don’t worry, it’s free to join. But before you do that, stick around for a couple of paragraphs as yours trulygives you the lowdown on MLNP and what you can expect.


    One of the things that popped out at me when I took a first look at MLNP was how it didn’t look like a pornsite (maybe because it’s not a pornsite?). The site is a clean white and orange with no fluff or puff, it’s “cool as fucking shit” – Cindy and her cohort’s have kept it all slim and stylish. This is a site revolving around videos where people are having sex that can easily pass as the internet based home of a TriBeca art gallery.

    MLNP is Minimum Viable Product (see: a strategy used for fast and quantitative market testing of a product or product feature) a MVP has just those features that allow the product to be deployed, and no more, which makes the MLNP minimalistic and easy to make sense off. To read more about the more technical side of things, go to the MLNP blog here: talkabout.makelovenotporn.tv where the design of the site is discussed in-depth, amongst other things.

    Once inside you can rent which ever clip that tickles your pickle or buzzes your bee-hive for the oh-so very reasonable price of 5 US$. That’s right, you rent and the peoples clip you rent gets paid (users who submit videos make money every time their video is purchased –a payment model that doesn’t exist in corporate porn, where performers get a one-time-only check and no royalties). You are of course able to submit your very own clips of sexy, fun, passionate love making, and get paid as well – if you dare. In fact, this is what runs the site and pretty much the entire premise of it all – submissions from real people, having real sex. Cindy and the gang have already made a very easy to follow “how this works” guide for you on the site, that will help you navigate through all hoops if you decide to take the leap of making love and not porn.

    Right now MLNP features 13 videos (don’t worry, many more are on the way), I watched a couple of them and the technical quality of these videos were outstanding. The first one was from WHACK! favorites Violet+Rye (yep, those guys are already there) and with their familiar artistic touch they brought the heat, as usual. I managed to grab a couple more, and what was also interesting and awesome is – for all of them – was this is a real couple, this is not performers but real people who know each other and are enjoying each other – there is real lust involved here, real love and that is what sets it aside the most from mainstream porn. You can feel the realness in what is going on in the videos. There is nothing amateur about the videos or the people on MLNP – both the sex and the technical quality is top-notch and hot as fuck.


    This quote pretty much sums it up ”pro-sex, pro-porn, pro-knowing the difference” – because porn is not real. Yes, there’s a penis being fellated and a vagina being penetrated and there’s ejaculation in all porn. But that’s the physical side, the technical side if you will. What about emotions, connections, body image, diversity, fun, real orgasms, real pleasure – all those things? Porn is not real sex most of the time when it comes to these areas, it’s entertainment made by professionals (not pros as in sex, but pros as in porn – there’s a difference between real sex and pro porn) doing their job, and there’s not a god damn thing wrong with that!

    What is wrong, is when young men and women who grow up in the western hemisphere think porn is real – when they think all vagina’s are shaved and pubic hair is not normal. When they think that all penises are circumcised, that ten inches is average and ejaculating at least a gallon of semen in one setting (preferably on a woman’s face) is standard routine when engaging in sexual activities.

    I don’t want to take a huge dump on mainstream porn here and in all fairness there is a lot more diversity in the performers and acts that are featured in porn 2012 than there was twelve years ago. But porn still has some miles to go if they want to present more realness and honesty in their particular portrayal of human sexuality. If they don’t want to do that? Well, they should just keep doing what they are doing now.

    Porn is not real, but sex is.


    When I read that “what you see on makelovenotporn.tv is the tip of the ever-lovin’ iceberg” I actually get a little dizzy and amazed. Here are some of things to expect in the very near sexy future: filter & findexpress your appreciation for a videoearn social capitalexplore new content via other memberssee your tastes & turn-ons and so much more. What Cindy and her team have already done here is nothing short but revolutionary, and the format they have chosen to work with, could end up being a standard in the future of sexual graphic depiction. You would be cheating yourself if you do not check MLNP as-soon-as-possible. Be one of the cool kids, make love - not porn.

    (Source: whackmagazine.com)

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